I went to the three different drug stores yesterday to find some pain killers. None of them had the one which was prescribed. How many people were simultaneously trying to consume their pain? Did they know they were doing this together? Is so much pain evidently felt or overwhelmingly destroyed? Is it possible to gather each others’ pain and gobble it down our throats hoping to never see it again. I think not because all the pain killers are sold out. Well, does the killer really kill the pain or does it simply leave you numb for a while? Was pain created to sell pain killers? 

All these questions make me think of how ordinary pain is. It probably is felt more universally than love, even if it was unmeasured. If pain was withdrawn from this world in its entirety, innumerable people might not know how to feel anymore. The anomaly in the nature of pain is the fact that it being this universal, it makes us feel more lonely instead of making us feel togetherness. 

How much of pain can one take?
As much as they can take love.  

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